"Of all the sports, cycling is the one that requires the most perfect match of man and machine. 

The more perfect the match, the more perfect the result."

- Paul Cornish

Paul Cornish's thought on cycling and the blend of man and machine is all too true.  It is that same philosophy that I take when building a custom bicycle frame.  Every detail is considered to ensure you have that perfect match and a bicycle that you can be proud to ride. 

I enlisted in the United States Air Force in 2004 as an aircraft machinist and welder.  For the next nine years I traveled the world fabricating parts for many different types of aircraft.  Having the opportunity to work on an array of airframes and materials enabled me to hone many skills in critical areas for metal fabrication.   

Already an avid cyclist, I began building bicycle frames in 2014 after becoming a commissioned officer in the Air Force.  Through the process of learning I found a passion for building.  I take a lot of pride with each bicycle I build and value the quality of the build above everything else.  I believe it's having a foundation like this that can produce the result Paul Cornish talks about. 

- KC  

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